Jun 262013
The Shelf Awards 2012 Winners 2012, Martin Headon and Olly Wood, receive their Shelf from the founder Gary Sharpen

The Shelf Awards Winners 2012, Martin Headon and Olly Wood, receive their Shelf from the founder Gary Sharpen

The Shelf Awards 2012 were won by Martin Headon and Olly Wood from the School of Communication Arts in London. We’re happy to say they will be joining us as guests this year. In the meantime here’s what they told us it felt like to take part in The Shelf Awards.

“After receiving the news of being selected to enter we gathered together our three best pieces of integrated work and sent them off. It wasn’t long until we’d found out that we had been shortlisted, along with two other teams from SCA (Joanne and Simon / Rosie and Daniele).

The Shelf Awards took place at the IPA, who kindly gave up space for the evening. As we entered the buidling we were greeted by Gary Sharpen (Founder of the Awards) who begun to show us around and then brief us on the evening ahead. We set up our desks and watched in nervousness as R&D set up an artistic display consisting of various decorative items which ended up looking fantastic. It was great to meet the others too, I’d heard of ‘Girls with Balls’ before (Dunja Opalko and Yonca Yilmaz) and I was a little worried about this team, they had some great work. It was also very nice to meet the others who’d been shortlisted and were taking part.

The event begun with people from the industry visiting each table and looking at our work, after they’d seen everyone they had to vote and pop a slip in the ballot box. Most people preferred us to talk through our work, some people questioning our strategies and ideas but being able to back it up soon proved our worth. This event wasn’t just about people looking at our work though, it was more importantly about networking and was a damn good event for it! Not only were there people from advertising agencies but also recruiters from some of the biggest creative recruitment agencies in London. So for me it wasn’t really an event focussed on awards but an evening on meeting people and an introduction for some of the freshest talent to the industry. It was also a chance to put the school on the map.

The event was rounded up by announcing the winners. Myself and Martin Headon were lucky enough to come first, with Simon Jenson and Joanne Scaife in second place and then Rosie Lewis and Daniele Mensah in third place. All students from the School of Communication Arts 2.0. 

A big congratulations is due to the others because they had some fantastic work too.

I’d like to end this blog with a huge thank you to Gary Sharpen for organising the event and helping young, talented creatives break into the industry and also a thank you for everyone who took the time to visit and take part.”

Martin Headon and Olly Wood www.wearemolly.co.uk

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