Jun 142014

The universities have submitted the best of their graduates. And we done the sifting. A lot of sifting. The standards were high and the decisions were tough. But we have our shortlist. The six creative teams that make up the shortlist for The Shelf Awards 2014.

The Shelf Awards 2014

Sophia Johnson and Sophie Szilady

Harriet Ronn and John Ogunmuyiwa

Lavan Jeyarupalingam and Kiefer McKenzie

Will Wright and James Lucking, School of Communication Arts

The Shelf Awards 2014

Tristan Lenczner and Simon Carr, University of Gloucestershire

Chloe Bishop and Christina Worman

The creative teams that will be contesting The Shelf Awards 2014 are:

Sophia Johnson and Sophie Szilady
Harriet Ronn and John Ogunmuyiwa
Bucks New University
Course Leader Julie Wright

Lavan Jeyarupalingam and Kiefer McKenzie
Will Wright and James Lucking
School of Communication Arts
Course Leader Marc Lewis

Tristan Lenczner and Simon Carr
University of Gloucestershire
Course Leader Frank Holmes

Chloe Bishop and Christina Worman
University of Lincoln
Course Leader Giles Lingwood

The graduates will be joining us at The Shelf Awards 2014 on 24 June in London where they will get the opportunity to showcase their work and network with an audience of specially invited guests including leading creative directors, copywriters, art directors, recruiters and other industry experts.

In the past this opportunity has led to all-important work placements. In turn these have also led to full time employment.

The winning graduates on the night, uniquely selected by the votes of the guests themselves, will also receive the coveted Shelf – so called because the winners will be able to use it to display the awards they will no doubt be picking up in their future careers.

Please joining us in congratulating the graduates who have made the shortlist for The Shelf Awards 2014.

You can find out more about The Shelf Awards here and by dropping us a line.

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