May 152014

The Shelf Awards

The Shelf Awards are coming. We’re in our 14th year. We’re calling for entries. We’re partnering up with supporters. And most importantly of all we’re once again supporting the creative talent of the future. Whether you’re a graduate or university looking to enter, or you want to show your support here’s what you need to know.

Since founding The Shelf Awards in 2001 we have stayed true to a simple, single aim – to provide new talent with a platform to help them get into the creative industry. Open to graduates across the UK the goal is to be short-listed for The Shelf Awards evening – three intense hours of advice, book crits, placement offers and general industry networking from leading creative directors, copywriters, art directors, recruiters and many other industry experts. And as if that wasn’t enough the best graduates of the night, as voted for by the guests, also get to pick up that most coveted of prizes – The Shelf itself, so called because the winners can use it to display the accolades which they will no doubt be accumulating in their future careers.


During its fourteen years The Shelf Awards has helped some 150 graduates get started in their creative careers. The format has remained much the same with the emphasis on integrated creative thinking, but recent years have seen the rise of digital and experiential thinking, and bigger ideas that go way beyond mainstream advertising.

As for running the event itself we stand by our original values. The Shelf Awards remain totally free to enter to both the graduates and their universities, because we think graduates already have a big enough financial burden and we don’t believe in adding to it.

Last year's winners Ran Stallard & Max Maclean receive The Shelf from founder Gary Sharpen

Last year’s winners Ran Stallard & Max Maclean receive The Shelf from founder Gary Sharpen


If you are a student who will be graduating this year or a university course leader who wants to enter your students into The Shelf Awards please get in touch now. The closing date for entries is 9 June and The Shelf Awards will take place 24 June.


To keep The Shelf Awards going we rely totally on the support of people within the creative industry who donate their time and expertise, along with financial help. If you would like to join them by becoming an official sponsor of The Shelf Awards 2014 please drop us line.


If you work in the creative industry as a creative director, copywriter, art director, recruiter, journalist or can offer any other kind of industry expertise we would love you to come along to The Shelf Awards on 24 June to share your knowledge, give advice and offer work placements. Please contact us for an invitation.


You can keep up to date with The Shelf Awards through twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


We believe that taking part in The Shelf Awards can play a big part in helping the new, young talent who are at the very beginning of their careers. As Max Maclean, one of last year’s winners said, “The Shelf Awards were a real turning point for us. It helped us with our pitch and presentation skills, it opened doors and it made us up our game. We’re still hugely grateful for everything The Shelf Awards  have done and continue to do to help students”.

Let’s make The Shelf Awards 2014 the best year yet.

The Shelf Awards 2014 will take place at the HUB Westminster, 24 June.

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