Jun 212014

During the 14 year history of The Shelf Awards there are many things of which we are proud. Mainly that we have helped support over 150 graduates get started in their creative careers. We are also very proud that we’ve been able to do this without charging them or their universities a single penny.

Quite simply we believe that students and universities face an increasingly demanding financial burden. That’s why The Shelf Awards always have been free to enter. And they always will be. For this reason we would like to say a very big thank you to the supporters of The Shelf Awards, the people who help us to make it happen.

Please join us in thanking the following companies for their support:

In alphabetical order


23red is an integrated, creative communications agency with its focus on creating work that actually gets people to DO things. It believes that by getting people to do something it can change the way they feel and think. They call it Do.Feel.Think. Its work is delivered through relevant touch points where the audience is close to the point of purchase or behaviour change. Its expertise includes advertising, digital, brand identity, sponsorship activation, and experiential marketing and is considered the leading partnership marketing agency in the public sector.



Another Production

Another Production is the leading outsourced artbuying company in the UK.  It offers clients smarter, more efficient and cost effective ways of managing their art buying and production requirements.


Apple and Ink

apple&ink, headed up by Rachel Gott, is a recruitment agency for creative people. It admires big ideas and it finds the people who have them. They meet smart art directors, copywriters, creative teams and designers, full-time or freelance. And they work with agencies who are serious about their people and who don’t accept mediocrity.


Hub Westminster

HUB Westminster launched on 28th October 2011, with a mission to help 1,000 entrepreneurs and impact businesses and changemakers to start, grow and scale. Located in Pall Mall right in the heart of London, Hub Westminster is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and changemakers drive the impact economy.



Know likes to make people’s lives a little bit better by creating products and services that really add value through digital ‘things’ they actually want to use. In short, they simplify and enrich customer’s lives.


Partners Andrews Aldridge is a customer engagement agency. It makes wonderful experiences that effortlessly connect people and brands. It joins physical and digital communications in surprising new ways to create seamless and rewarding customer experiences.


Smoke and Mirrors Design

Smoke & Mirrors Design is renowned for its collection of creative talent producing the very best design, cgi and retouching for print and digital media.


Sue Frost Recruitment

Sue Frost Recruitment offers a particularly specialised and personalised service within the creative industry, matching carefully chosen candidates with the right opportunity at the right stage of their career. Sue is also enormously liked and respected for her sincerity and genuine passion.


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